What We're All About

We are a consulting-based business that specializes in one-on-one consulting with nannies and families and nanny placement services.

About the Michigan Nanny Authority: Kalamazoo

The Michigan Nanny Authority: Kalamazoo has been the best resource for nannies and families in Kalamazoo since March of 2013.  We are a consulting-based business that specializes in one-on-one consulting with nannies and families and nanny placement services.  We desire to support all area nannies and families as they navigate the delicate employee/employer relationship.  We offer many different levels of consulting, from helping parents run background checks, start payroll and write work agreements through our Nanny Search Consulting to helping nannies advocate for themselves during the job search with Job Search Consulting.  We also provide as-needed Advice & Mediation for nannies and/or parents who need guidance and support when dealing with employment or interpersonal communication issues.

The Michigan Nanny Authority’s most popular offering is our Permanent and Short-Term Nanny Placement Services, which provides parents with the peace of mind that they will only interview nanny candidates that have been fully screened, interviewed, and trained by The Michigan Nanny Authority.  They are able make a hiring decision based on which nanny candidate they like, trust, and respect the most, and each placement is backed by a 90-day Happy Nanny/Happy Family guarantee.  We take pride in our approach to finding the right fit for the family and for the nanny, and provide ongoing support throughout the nanny’s employment with the family.  We are honored to have such a key role in the success of each nanny/family relationship!

Our Vision

To be the final authority for nannies and the parents who employ nannies in Michigan. We advocate for all nannies in Michigan, and do so by educating both nannies and parents on the roles and legalities of being or hiring a nanny. We hope to end unfair wages, illegal pay practices, and unrealistic expectations for nannies.  We hope to empower nannies to have a successful career by encouraging positive character development, unwavering confidentiality, and excellent work ethic.  By offering consulting services that cover everything from finding a nanny or a nanny job, to ending the nanny/parent relationship, we advise nannies and parents on how to conduct themselves with respect, integrity, and fairness

About the Owner

The Michigan Nanny Authority is owned and operated by Jaynie Fawley and has been doing business in Kalamazoo County since March of 2013.  Originally called The Kalamazoo Nanny Authority, The Michigan Nanny Authority debuted in May 2017 with the announcement of a second location serving the  Grand Rapids area.

Jaynie is Professional Career Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, New Parent Educator, and Postpartum Doula with 12 years of experience in the Kalamazoo area.  She has loved and helped raise 17 children in her nanny career and has provided overnight newborn care for many sets of twins and one set of triplets as a CACHE Certified Newborn Care Specialist.  In addition to being Michigan’s authority on the nanny industry, Jaynie is currently serving the Kalamazoo community as Treasurer of the Board of Directors for the Kalamazoo Country Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Council (KCAN), a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect in Kalamazoo County.  She also serves on the Safe Sleep Committee for Cradle Kalamazoo.

Jaynie has an Associate of Arts degree from Kalamazoo Valley Community College, completed the Advanced Newborn Care Specialist training with Newborn Care Solutions, and is a CAPPA-trained New Parent Educator and Postpartum Doula.

Jaynie believes that being able to provide quality childcare is not innate and that parents and nannies must work together to raise kind, intelligent, compassionate children.  She also believes that a nanny does not replace a parent, nor are they simply there to keep the children safe and fed.  A nanny’s job is much more than simply caring for the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the children in her care every single day;  they are also a support and valuable source of child development information for the parents.  Above all else, Jaynie takes pride in being a logical, compassionate, professional voice in the nanny community.

Jaynie saw a need in the community for someone who can provide professional training for nannies, who can help nannies and parents in the job search, and who can establish realistic expectations and standards for what the nanny job and the nanny/parent relationship should look like.  The Michigan Nanny Authority exists today to be that resource for nannies and families.