Position Filled: Full-Time Infant Nanny in Kalamazoo

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The Michigan Nanny Authority: Kalamazoo is now interviewing for the following position:

A loving family in Kalamazoo is looking to hire a Full-Time Infant Nanny for 50+ hours a week!

First-time parents are looking to hire an experienced, professional career Nanny with extensive experience working with newborns and infants to provide top-notch loving care and consistent learning and development to their baby boy, who was born 3 months premature.  Nanny will start early April when the baby is about 3 months old/5 weeks adjusted age.  Nanny will work 6:15am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday, and the parents prefer that she have the flexibility to stay late on the occasion that the parents, both working in the medical industry, are held up at work and unable to return home by 4:30pm.  Hours will be a minimum of 51.25 hours per week, and overtime will be paid for every hour over worked over 40 hours.  For the first month, the mother’s return to work is staggered and nanny will work part-time.

Nanny will partner with the parents to care for the emotional, social, developmental, and educational needs of the baby boy.  The ideal nanny will have a minimum of 2 years of experience working with children in a professional setting, with 1 year of consecutive care of an infant (ideally from birth to age 1), and excellent references.  She will have knowledge of and/or experience with various approaches to infant care, and be able to adapt to the parent’s desires for the child as he grows and his needs change.  She will be welcome to give her input and share advice and experiences but parents want to take the lead in making any changes to the baby’s schedule and routine.  Nanny should be engaging and attentive, comfortable using and teaching baby sign language, able to plan gross and fine motor skills activities and sensory activities, and should be fostering a love of and excitement for learning and exploring the world around them from day one.

The nanny’s main responsibility will be to provide care for the baby, and she will also be responsible for light child-related housekeeping, including: doing the baby’s laundry, washing bottles daily and other dishes used, tidying and maintaining organization in the baby’s room and play room, and tidying up after herself and the baby in the common areas (living room, kitchen, etc.)   The parents would also love if the nanny would take on some of the errand running for the family, such as weekly grocery shopping and trips to Target & Costco as needed.

The ideal Nanny for this family is mature, positive, compassionate, trustworthy, and passionate about her job.  She is a professionally-minded nanny, and is responsible, punctual, and flexible.  She is maternal and loving, invested in being part of the parenting team and helping to give the baby every educational, developmental, social, and emotional advantage possible.  Her knowledge and experience will be a valuable resource for the parents, and will give them confidence in her ability to handle anything that comes her way.  She will be comfortable and confident in keeping open lines of communication with the parents, including keeping track of the day’s schedule and events and the baby’s milestones in a daily diary.

The parents are required to take many weeks of vacation each year, and would love to have their nanny travel with them on occasion!  National travel only, all travel, food, and lodging expenses will be paid by the family, and the nanny will be paid her guaranteed hours while traveling, even if she is working fewer hours.

This position requires a long-term commitment to the family, and preference will be given to the candidate who is willing to stay for more than 5 years.  A minimum of 1 year commitment is required.  Pay will start at $13 per hour, and nanny will have paid time off, paid holidays, mileage reimbursement, and other standard nanny benefits.   Due to the amount of vacation the mother is required to take each year, she would like to offer the nanny 1 week of paid vacation & 2 weeks unpaid vacation annually of the nanny’s choice; all other weeks will be guaranteed.  All terms are negotiable for the right candidate.  Details will be discussed with qualified nannies at an in-person interview.

The right candidate:

  • Will have AT LEAST two years of part- or full-time nanny experience, or at least two years in a daycare or classroom setting. Experience raising children of one’s own is considered appropriate experience.
  • Will have AT LEAST one year of proven childcare experience with infants, will know how to interact with the infant to support learning and encourage his development, and will be able to use her knowledge and experiences to be a support and valuable resource for the parents.
  • Will have her own reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age and legal to work in the USA.
  • Must pass a thorough background check and drug test before starting the position.
  • Must have current CPR/First aid certification or agree to complete a class within 90 days of start-date.
  • Must have flu shot and DTaP vaccine, or be willing to get both before her start date, and must be willing to get a flu shot annually (parents will pay for any immunizations.)

Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply online today!  Have your childcare resume and at least 3 childcare references ready to submit along with your application.

Already registered with The Michigan Nanny Authority?  Send an email of interest to jaynie@minannyauthority.com.