Nanny Services

We believe all nannies have a right to fair pay, reasonable job expectations, and a position in a family that appreciates and respects them.

Professional Standards

We help our parent clients dream up the ideal nanny for their family, and parents are only introduced to nannies that best fit their family’s personality, lifestyle, and philosophies.

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Application Process

Our extensive application and screening process gives professional nannies the spotlight!

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Nanny Application

You can apply for a specific position we have posted, or just tell us the type of job you’re looking for and a bit about your childcare experience.

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Job Postings

Our job board has the latest, and the best nanny positions available.

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Job Search Consulting

Finding the perfect childcare job for your unique experience and skills can be daunting, to say the least. We will help you polish your professional image and navigate your job search! The Kalamazoo Nanny Authority has created a step-by-step Job Search program that will take you from writing your resume and deciding which jobs to apply for to accepting a job offer and negotiating a contract.  Nanny clients of The Kalamazoo Nanny Authority also get first consideration for parent clients looking for placement.

Nanny Family Consulting

As a nanny, your job is not only providing the best childcare possible, but also keeping open and honest communication with your employers.  When you reach a point where you’re not sure how to approach your employers with a request or a concern, The Kalamazoo Nanny Authority can help!  We will help you analyze the situation, decide how to best approach your boss, and mediate if needed.

Fees will vary based on length and involvement of consulting programs and may vary by situation.  Contact The Kalamazoo Nanny Authority with your questions and concerns to schedule a free consultation.

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