The Michigan Nanny Authority: Kalamazoo is now interviewing for the following position:

A loving family in Hickory Corners is looking for a full-time Temporary Nanny for 40 hours a week, from February to August 2020!

A holistic, homesteading family is looking to hire a Temporary Nanny from February to August 2020, to provide childcare for the family’s 3 children while the father hikes the Appalachian Trail.  The family has an 8-year-old boy and two girls who are 6-years-old  and 2-years-old.  Hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and the family is guaranteeing Nanny a minimum of 40 hours per week.  Nanny will start early-to-mid February and is guaranteed to stay through the end of August, though the family hopes she remains a part of the family for years to come.

The Nanny’s primary responsibility will be to provide childcare for the family’s 3 children.  The bulk of Nanny’s day will be spent playing with and caring for the 2-year-old girl, planning activities, preparing healthy snacks and meals, encouraging learning and exploration, and providing daily structure and fun.  The oldest 2 children are in school during the day and ride the bus to and from school most of the time.  They have half-days on Monday and Tuesday, and Nanny will pick them up from school both days and take them to an afternoon fencing class on Mondays.  She will also have the older 2 children during sick days, snow days, and school breaks.  The Nanny will be encouraged to plan play dates and field trips for the children during summer break, and the family has annual memberships at local museums and sanctuaries.  The mother works from home in a basement office with very limited interaction outside of her office during the workday, but Nanny should feel comfortable sharing her work space and confident in helping mom and children maintain their well-established boundaries while she works.

Nanny will also be responsible for some child-related housekeeping, including:  light meal preparation & cleaning up after meals including dishes, maintaining cleanliness and organization in the children’s play areas and bedrooms, keeping main areas of the house tidy during the work day, and helping the parents with children’s laundry.  The children have their own chores to complete around the home and around the homestead, and Nanny will help encourage and oversee chore completion.

The family lives on a working homestead, which includes gardens, a turkey, 4 ducks, 2 chickens, a handful of outdoor cats, and a bee apiary.  Nanny will have no responsibilities around the homestead other than overseeing the children’s chores, though the family would prefer that she share their natural love of the outdoors and be just as excited for exploring, playing, and foraging with the children outside.   Nanny should not have any severe animal or bee allergies and be completely comfortable sharing space with all of the animals on the homestead.

The ideal Nanny is active, friendly, positive, and kind.  She will align with the parent’s free-range parenting style and help them encourage the children’s independence, self-reliance, and exploration of the world around them.  She will love being outdoors and being an active playmate with the children, while also knowing when to send them off to explore alone and feeling confident in their ability to play safely outside.  She will have experience working with preschool and elementary aged children, and be skilled at balancing the needs and schedules of several children in different age groups.  She will also be a professionally minded Nanny, with a solid work ethic and a willingness to commit herself fully to investing in the children and the job, despite it being a temporary position.  She will have strong communication skills and prioritize open and direct communication with both the parents and the children.

This position requires a temporary commitment to the family from February to end of August 2020.  Pay will start at $15-16 per hour plus overtime for every hour over 40 in a week.  Nanny will have use of the family’s vehicle if her vehicle does not safely fit all 3 children; if she uses her own vehicle, mileage reimbursement will be paid for every mile driven with the children in her vehicle.  Other industry-standard benefits including guaranteed pay, paid time off, paid sick time, and paid holidays will be discussed at an in-person interview for those qualified for the position.

The right candidate:

  • Will have AT LEAST two years of part- or full-time nanny experience, or at least two years in a daycare or classroom setting. Experience raising children of one’s own is considered appropriate experience.  Family is open to welcoming the child of a Nanny to attend work with her if it’s a good fit for their family.
  • Will have her own reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record.
  • Must be legal to work in the USA
  • Must pass a thorough background check and drug test before starting the position.
  • Must have current CPR/First aid certification or agree to complete a class within 90 days of start-date.

Qualified applicants are encouraged to apply online at today!  Have your childcare resume and at least 3 childcare references in .doc or .pdf format ready to submit along with your application.

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